Our home water systems including water filters, reverse osmosis systems, alkaline water systems, water softeners and ultraviolet water purifiers. Free Water Analysis for real estate agents and potential home buyers. Bacteria testing available on request and is tested locally.

Office/Home Water Coolers

ADR Water Ltd. provides office water systems, including water coolers, water filters, reverse osmosis systems and other water purifiers. Our bottled water is available in 18.9L and 4L jugs.

Commercial & Industrial Systems

We provide commercial & industrial water systems including water softeners, water filters and reverse osmosis systems, and cater to coffee shops and car washes.

Free Organic Water Testing

Available for Home and Office delivery.


ADR Water provides service to most makes and models of all residential and commercial water treatment systems.

ADR Water Ltd.'s bottling process centre is located in South Esk, New Brunswick.